Faria Beauty Supply is a family business that was created by the enthusiasm and the determination of Karen Faria, her passion is to make fell her clients pretty and help them to take care of themselves.

One day Karen shared the idea of creating an online shop with products that we believe in, Karen talked to Gilberto Faria, her brother, to create a trusted source of hair care products and professional products for salons, they realized that all the experience Karen has in this market and also the commercialization knowledge of Gilberto could be used to create something good for the people interested in taken care of themselves. That is how Faria Beauty Supply was born.

There are so many options out there and having someone that validates that for you is the core of our mission. In our online shop, you will find only tested and validated products by our specialists.

People that know Karen Faria can trust her work; she knows what she does. But don’t quote me on that, you can check her work at @karenfaria_style

Meet Karen

Meet Karen Faria

Karen Faria is the product manager. She is a certified cosmetologist with more than 10 year of experience in the hair beauty area, Karen is a master colorist, and balayage specialist.

Karen makes sure all the products we have in our online shop are tested and fulfill the quality standards of Faria Beauty Supply.

She comes from a family that has Salon business, so he has grown in that environment. She loves the art involved when she Works whit her clients, also she enjoys helping other people felling happy about themselves.

Meet Gilberto

Gilberto Faria

Gilberto Faria is the commercialization manager. He is one that takes care of the orders with our provides and the commercial relationships. He also takes care of all the technical aspects of the online shop.

Even though Gilberto is an IT technology expert, he grew up in a family that was in the beauty business, he understands the dynamics of the business and the importance of providing exceptional service.