Macpaul Lelif Hair Restructuring Serum 100ml


Macpaul Lelif Hair Restructuring Serum 100ml

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Size: 100ml

For Salon and Hair Professional Use

Introducing Lelif Hair Restructuring Serum by Macpaul, a vital component of the exclusive Lelif Kit, specially curated for Salons and Hair Professionals. This serum is designed to strengthen hair that can no longer tolerate chemical treatments. Its potent action enables a speedy recovery, allowing you to use coloring and other chemicals again. Enriched with high concentrations of keratin and the exclusive nanocomplex formula, Macpaul's hair restructuring solution is perfect for various reconstruction processes.

For optimal absorption, we recommend a minimum break time of 5 minutes. Elevate your hair care routine with Lelif Hair Restructuring Serum and embrace revitalized, healthier hair. Unlock the full potential of your hair with Macpaul's advanced restructuring solution, exclusively part of the Lelif Kit for Salons and Hair Professionals.


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